Let’s Think About Dinner

What do you make for dinner that is not a processed food, is low in sugar, doesn’t have added sugar and is a whole natural food?

First you have to PLAN ahead, sometimes days ahead. That’s right, plan ahead of time so you aren’t force to run out & eat something processed, loaded with preservatives, sugar, and artificial ingredients. So Plan to defrost the chicken, learn how to grill, cook, read a recipe, shop for the week based on the meals you PLANNED, and know when you PLAN on starting to prepare your meal. Is there something you can prep ahead of time? Do you have enough propane in the tank to grill? So many questions to answer in order to PLAN for your dinner.

Did I stress you out? Don’t worry. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to prepare your own meals, save $$ on carry out or delivery and move toward your health goals!


Cucumber Salad 🥗
⏺ 1 large home grown cucumber(grown by my neighbor @maryland_microgreens) peeled, seeded & cubed
⏺ 10-12 home grown cherry tomatoes 🍅 (grown by me!)
⏺ 3 ribbon cut home grown basil 🌿 (neighbor)
⏺ 1 tsp of @primalkitchenfoods dressing
Gently Mixed to coat with dressing

⏺ Chop up & steam fresh organically grown broccoli if available or affordable.

Grilled Chicken –
⏺ Boneless skinless chicken breast cut in half lengthwise (I use kitchen scissors) salt 🧂 and marinade in liquid aminos for a couple hours, then grill.

⏺ After you take the chicken off the grill, let it rest for about 5-10 min

Now you’re ready! Enjoy!

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Debi Haba, CPT NASM
Owner | Trainer | Coach Foreverfit4u LLC Personal Training, Fitness & Nutrition Coaching Frederick, Maryland Foreverfit4u.com

Your Sunday Grocery List

Are you food prepping today? I have enough prepped right now to last the rest of the day (Sunday) & part of tomorrow so I will shop & prep on Monday!

What are the most important items on my grocery list?

My intake does NOT include any processed foods, anything with added sugars (check the packaged ground meats you buy), breads, pastas, carrots 🥕 white potatoes.

My list ⬇️ Its a short one 😁

• 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚 Lots of 🥚🥚🥚🥚
• lean meats – white fish (preferably wild fish to include cod, halibut & rockfish) & chicken breast (free range no antibiotics organically feed/raised if I have it in my budget)
• Select farm fresh 🥦 🥬
• Low glycemic berries like 🫐 raspberries, & blackberries
• Cauliflower Rice

I took this picture on my quick stop at the local grocery store last week!

I love shopping at the Common Market Coop (@commonmarketcoop) but it’s a bit more expensive so I go to Costco for some things (eggs & cauliflower rice, cauliflower egg wraps) & Giant Food for other things (organic locally grown greens 🥬 like baby arugula and baby Romain lettuce).

I already have my wild fish delivered which I order from the Wild Alaskan Company so I won’t be buying that today. I have chicken in the freezer but when I’m out I grab another package to keep my home supply up.

I ordered my organic brown Lunberg rice on Amazon yesterday so that will be delivered today!

Eating well for good health & weight loss can prevent chronic disease, and improve your immune system to protect you from external invaders 🦠 It can also be fun! Once you reprogram your body and mind away from the fast easy highly processed foods, bad oils (Canola oil, corn oil, Grapeseed oil, &margarines), the highly addictive and highly damaging sugars, you will love how you feel & look!

If you’re interested in learning more about good nutrition and healthy eating send me a message!

Debi CPT NASM Foreverfit4u LLC Owner | Trainer | Coach Foreverfit4u.debi@gmail.com 240-920-6330