Journey to NASM Certification

My first college undergrad class since I received my BA in Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland College Park, many many years ago, begins tomorrow.

I’m totally excited to learn and to become a NASM certified trainer. In this world of obesity & chronic disease, I want to help people become fit, healthy and happy at any age or condition.

I’ve been told the National Academy of Sports Medicine has one of the best and most challenging Personal Training certifications and I’ve always wanted to become “certified.” I have considered buying the NASM Self Study program many times but then I thought again. I know the course material would show up at my door and online but I would put studying off. The textbook would get covered in dust (figuratively speaking cuz I’m kinda a neat freak) & the online course material would get lost in cyber space! With that in mind, I applied as an undergraduate at my local community college this year and registered for the Essentials of Personal Training course for the Spring 2020 semester.

I had to pick up my “NASM Essentials of Personal Training Sixth Edition” textbook a few weeks early because I won’t e able to attend class until 3 weeks into the semester. Thankfully, my instructor is understanding and has allowed me to work independently until I return.

I started reading the textbook already. I have had help, too. This is the always attentive, Spider (@dogblogspider on Instagram). He’s my super fit & muscular Frenchie. He will be training overweight dogs LOL!

Hopefully, I will be able to keep up with the courses study. I am also looking forward to meeting my new classmates & seeing my friends from last semester’s continuing education classes (no credit 😥), Methods in Strength Training and Methods in Fitness & Conditioning class, too.

Until next time,


Foreverfit4u 💪🏻

#train hard #eatclean #staylean #livewell

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