No Excuses

For reasons I cannot explain, I have strayed from my clean eating and it’s completely reflected in my health, in my weight and how my clothes fit. I have no excuse but the good thing is I know how to get back!

Starting now, it’s all about lean proteins, fibrous vegetables, no breads, no pasta, no processed sugars! My food is going to be limited to chicken breasts, white fish & flank steak. Then there is my fruit (blueberries or cherries 🍒 only), my complex carbs which are going to be limited to oatmeal, sweet potatoes and brown rice! Oh yeah, and lots of 💧 💦 💧 😁 Let’s see what happens.

I haven’t been at the gym as often. My gym is a box #CrossFit and I find it very challenging so I don’t go there as often as I should. Why? Fear? Probably. Again, no excuses!

I took a before picture today of my gut but I’m not gonna share until I can show progress and improvement so stay tuned!

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