Don’t Let Go of Your Fitness

It seems that I’m learning the hard way. I let go of my fitness.

Strong, lean and fit up to and after recovering from a broken leg and damaged peroneal nerve when I was hit by a car while my bicycle in January 2015. Then, there it goes… 2016 & 2017, I let my fitness go and I’m struggling to get it back in 2018.

I let the STRESS of my job as a Detective Sergeant and the stress in my personal life worrying about my husband’s recovery after two major spinal surgeries take over. I came up with every excuse not to go to the gym; not to go downstairs to work out my basement; and not to take my regular walks in my neighborhood! What was I thinking?

The good news is, I can get my fitness back! It’s not gonna be easy, in fact, it’s not easy at all. The worst part is sucking at things I used to be good at. I mean sucking really really really bad. As if I never worked out before in my life!

Now I look at other people for motivation & inspiration! Like the really super fit chicks at the CrossFit gym, my friend, Mary Beth, who is strong AF, famous CrossFit athletes and a host of other people that motivate me to push harder! They unknowingly inspire me to SUCK IT UP even when I slam my shin hard AF doing box jumps as part of today’s metcon!!

[Yes, I brought Spider 🕷 (@dogblogspoder) to the gym today 😁]

I also watch YouTube videos about beginner running, CrossFit games, crossfit tutorials, healthy living and other fitness related subjects which motivate me to move.

And, as part of finding my fitness again, I blog. I guess it is my way of getting my thoughts out and in the process, help other people who want to find their fitness!

What motivates you? Have you ever lost your fitness? How did you get it back?

Debi Buck


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