CrossFit Workshop #2

Before I am able to participate in the classes at the CrossFit gym/box (not quite sure which term is correct), I had to complete several workshops.

The workshops are designed for the coaches to work with new members, one on one or in a small group, and instruct them (me) about the crossfit movements / exercises, how perform them with proper form, how to warm up, how to stretch, etc. When the coaches are comfortable with the abilities of the beginners, they are okay’d to progress to the group classes.

This requirement is very important! I’m so glad the staff didn’t allow me to start w/o instruction. I have experience with weight training but crossfit is technical & requires proper form. I’ve heard so many horror stories about people getting seriously injured while attempting crossfit movements having No Clue how to do them right! I didn’t want to be that person. Thank you TFL for giving a shit! That’s just good business!

I scheduled another workshop on Tuesday evening after work. I showed up and Mark was my coach for the day! There wasn’t anyone else there to share Mark’s time, either. I thought the girl, Tiffany, from Sunday was coming back but I guess not. Anyway, I was kinda nervous working with Mark. He’s the owner. I didn’t want to look like a goof so I focused really hard on doing everything right & giving 100 percent.

Mark wanted to see may squat prior to any instruction. I don’t normally squat super deep like crossfitters do but I tried anyway. My positioning wasn’t straight up & down. I leaned a bit forward and back but Mark broke it down and explained what to do to make the corrections.

Next, Mark showed me how to do wall balls ((WB) which I found awkward & challenging. It took a lot out of me. My legs & shoulder were burning. I didn’t catch the ball properly, losing my balance & having to reset. I now know, I was muscling up the ball which expended way more energy than if I had used my legs & core properly. Needless to say, I need to work on WBs! I wonder how much a 10 lb wall ball costs? Hmm, my birthday is coming up soon… I just looked ’em up on Rogue Fitness. Wall balls are expensive!

Mark did ask to see my box jumps and burpees.

I really like box jumps and I used to have hops. It’s been a minute since I practiced them and I’ve become used to the cushiony blocks as opposed to old school plywood boxes. I cut the fuck out of my shin back in 2011 when I missed on a jump (a small jump) so those painful ugly memories are still just under the surface 😫! So, what kind of box does the box have? A plywood box 📦! I really wasn’t too worried but I only did a few, had a spot and then we moved on to BURPEES!!

There are several variations of the burpee & I wasn’t sure which one to do, so I asked first. Mark told me the crossfit burpee is the one where you end up flat on your belly, then press up & jump. Just so you know, I am NOT fan of burpees! I guess I did them okay.

After the instructional part of the training was over it was time for the workout. Mark put 7 minutes on the digital clock on the wall and described the work. 7 wall balls with the 10 lb WB, then 7 burpees then repeat as many rounds as I could within the 7 minutes. Ready set GO! Ugh!

I pushed through it, completing only three rounds in the 7 minutes. I have to work to improve my cardiovascular conditioning. The bottom line is, I felt A.MAZ.ING! Whipped but so excited for the next workout!

Until the next time,

Train Hard, Eat Clean, Stay Lean, Live Well!

Debi Buck


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