While browsing Tumblr, I found a recipe for Mango Honey Fruit Leather! I looked like an easy recipe but I’d have to be home for at least 6 hours at a time in order to slow low bake the fruit. That is not as easy as it sounds! Ugh.

I couldn’t wait to try it so I stopped by Whole Foods and bought 3 large ripe organic mangos. I already have organic honey from a fellow Frederick City Market vender, Kim of Allen’s Apiary.

She sells the BEST honey EVER!!

I was right, the recipe was easy to make and the mango honey fruit leather was DELICIOUS! I decided to make more yesterday using strawberries, apples and peaches with Allen’s Apiary honey.


Dice up and puree the fruit with the honey.



Pour the mixture on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and spread it out evenly and bake at 170 deg F for 6 hours.


When the fruit leather is done, it should be flexible, slightly sticky and solid.


I cut it in half for easy to manage pieces.


Roll, cut and tie.




I thought the honey fruit leather looked nice in the Mason jar.


Tastes Delish!

Train Hard, Eat Clean, Stay Lean, Live Well

Thank you Spoonful.com for the awesome recipe!

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