“How Do You Make That?” Egg Flower

I call it… “Egg Flower.”

I made my regular “meal #1” today, 4 egg whites and 1 whole egg, but I added a little fun with leftover veggies.

On August 22, I posted a picture of the Egg Flowers on a bed of Romaine lettuce on my Personal Training/Coach Foreverfit4u Facebook Page and on the Power Food Recipes by Debi Buck Aug 22, 2012 a Group on Facebook. 



Several people I talked to recently about the picture weren’t exactly sure what they were looking at and others weren’t sure how it was prepared. 

To answer the question, “How did you do that?” here is a photographic step by step “How To” make this fun breakfast!


Gather all your ingredients:

All you need is:

Large non-stick pan; 

Some non-stick cooking spray;

Five (5) eggs (number of eggs depends on how many you want to make);

Sweet Bell Peppers;

And a fresh tomato.



*     Now separate OUT four of the egg yokes.

*     Place each egg white in a small custard cup.
*     Put one whole egg, yoke and egg white, in it’s own little custard cup.
This allows you to pour one egg white (or egg white/yoke combo) into one piece of sliced sweet bell pepper. You can see where I’m going with this, right?
*     Slice your sweet bell peppers horizontally into five (5) sections about 1/2″ thick.
*     Now slice your tomato horizontally into 1/4″ sections. Using CHERRY TOMATOES works well too, just slice in half!
*    Set aside momentarily.


 *    Spray the non-stick cooking spray into your large pan, covering the entire cooking surface. 
*Tip*   I recommend doing this over the kitchen sink so the spray doesn’t get all over everything.
*    Turn your stove top on high (at first) and put your large pan on the stove top for about 30-60 seconds to heat up the pan.
*     Place the sweet bell pepper slices in the pan. I push them down so that the entire surface of the sweet bell pepper slice makes contact with the entire surface of the heated pan.



*     Slowly add the egg white from one of your custard cups into the middle of the sweet bell pepper.    

*      When adding the WHOLE egg, hold the custard cup as close to the surface as you can so when the yoke falls out, it will not break.
*Tip*     While the egg white is still loose, you can GENTLY manipulated the yoke to be positioned in the center of the sweet bell pepper slice.


*Tip*     If the egg white runs out from under your sweet bell pepper, DON”T PANIC! Once it cooks (in a few seconds) it will stop. 

Before you plate (in my case, before you take a picture – LOL)  you can remove the now cooked runaway egg white. It will come right off and no one will be the wiser! I eat that right away! NOM NOM NOM

*     Turn the heat DOWN to medium low and watch your creation. When the egg white is completely white, it is done. Some people like the egg loose, some like it cooked more thoroughly, so cook for your personal tastes. 

*     The whole egg flower may need to cook a little longer depending on how you like your egg yoke cooked. I flipped mine to let it cook a little more after I removed the four egg white flowers.
*     Using a apple corer kitchen tool, I cut out four circles of tomato and placed them in the center of the sweet bell pepper egg white creation!




*     Place washed/clean and dried pieces of Romaine lettuce on a plate to add green to the presentation.


Place your “Egg Flowers” on the Romaine lettuce and your breakfast is complete! 




I hope you liked this fun breakfast pictorial demonstration.  If you have any questions, leave a comment on this blog post, contact me on my Foreverfit4u Personal Training Facebook Page, or Tweet me –> Foreverfit4u on  Twitter 



Watch out for little nosey friends that may try to take your beautiful egg flower! 🙂

Remember to….

Train Hard, Eat Clean, Stay Lean, Live Well

Debi Buck





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