“Are You a Figure Competitor?”


I just sent this text to my trainer today. This happened yesterday but I can’t stop thinking about it.

“I forgot to tell u… Yesterday at the Olney FF, some 20something guy came up to me & asked me if I was a Figure Competitor! What a rush! I said, ‘Yes, yes I am!’ It was so cool that strangers see me as a Figure Competitor!”


In January 2011, I decided I wanted to compete in bodybuilding. I trained hard, ate clean & lived a healthy lifestyle with the end goal of competing in October 2011 in an OCB show.

I competed in natural bodybuilding in 2000 & 2001. I had not competed since that time and I only maintained my workouts to remain at a healthy weight, not to build muscle.

So in late June 2011, my trainer (after evaluating my building muscle progress over the passed 6 months) & I decided to compete in Figure instead of Bodybuilding. This was completely new to me. I was totally in the dark about what it takes to be a figure competitor. TOTALLY!

This being said, I embarked on my journey to become a successful Figure Competitor at the age of 46.

The workouts and contest dieting was not an issue! I had that down. It was all the foreign elements of Figure that challenged me along the way. I asked a lot of questions.

I learned about posing but really didn’t “get it” even though I tried to strike the pose like the girls in the fitness magazines. I even had a posing coach.

I worked on my “girly girl” walk! That was a challenge since I’ve been a jock tomboy my entire life!

I bought the blingy suit & jewelry, as well as the clear 5″ stripper pumps.

So the day came, October 29, 2011. I competed in the OCB Yorton Cup! My trainer & I didn’t realize it, but It was a HUGE show! Hundreds of competitors total in bodybuilding (mens & womens) and Womens Fitness Figure & Bikini! Masters Divisions, numerous height divisions… Oh boy, I was pretty overwhelmed!

I placed 5th in Figure Novice Tall, 6th in Figure Open Med Tall & 6th in Figure Masters 45+! I thought my posing sucked but it was an amazing experience.

I wanted to do better. I wanted rounder larger shoulders, lean muscular legs & most of all, pose well!

I’ve worked very hard for the last 7 months to reach those goals! My first Figure competition (of two) in 2012 is in less than a week…

But that one question… from that random stranger… at an unfamiliar gym brought it all together!

Yes, I am a Figure competitor! Thank you for asking!

Debi Buck
Train Hard, Eat Clean, Live Well


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